Hurst’s Berry Farm is so proud to offer you a quality selection of premium fresh fruit from HBF International. We are a family of growers who take great care in providing our customers with the best fruit. To help you get a better idea of where your fruit comes from, we are happy to share details about our growers with you.

Our Featured Grower:

Norris Farms
location: Umpqua Valley, Oregon

Welcome to Norris Farms, our family-owned and operated farm since 1976. Located in southern Oregon in the pristine Umpqua Valley, we are blessed with a perfect climate, abundant water, excellent soil types and unsurpassed natural beauty. Your tasty and healthful blueberries were grown and harvested on over 500 acres of carefully maintained fields.

We are a vertically-integrated farm with our own plant propagation nursery and state-of-the-art packing facility. Due to our high standards for packing a safe and wholesome product, we only pack fruit from our own fields. This ensures a high level of food safety coupled with low or non-existent pesticide residues. Before harvesting, we test our fruit for over 90 chemical residues to verify the safety and quality. Last year, we were certified by SCS Global Services as pesticide residue free. Our water is tested for pathogens and all inputs are carefully monitored. Norris Farms is GlobalG.A.P certified and Costco certified, and each year undergoes multiple external audits to ensure a clean, safe and delicious berry. Enjoy the healthful, antioxidant-rich fruit of our labor!

Our fruit is shipped throughout the United States, encompassing most of the major buyers. Due to a longstanding relationship of respect and friendship, we only ship under the HBF International label. HBF is a fair, loyal partner; this relationship has proven beneficial to both parties, and has enhanced our market presence. Over 60% of our fruit is exported, into some very demanding markets including Asia, Europe, UK, Scotland and Russia. We were honored to be the first farm to export fresh blueberries to Korea.

We do not offer organic blueberries – yet. Two large fields are being transitioned to organic. Norris Farms strives for sustainability, and works hard to minimize inputs and have a positive impact on the environment. We are proud of our unique blend of traditional farming and state-of-the-art technology.

Each summer, we employ over 120 high school and college students to run our harvest crews and packing facilities. Most of them return each summer until we kick them out to find “real jobs”. One of the real highlights is working with the youth, and watching them develop and learn the values of integrity and hard work. Our family is a strong supporter of the community, and willingly gives back our time and resources. Each year we donate to over ten charitable organizations emphasizing the youth.

Enjoy the blueberries – they are the nutritious product of our labor. We wish you a long, healthful and fruitful journey in life.

Our Other Growers:

We’ll be adding more growers for you as time allows, so please check back at this page.  (Right now, we’re busy harvesting and getting berries out to your table!)