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Hurst’s red raspberries thrive in our two growing regions, where the climate is ideal. Warm summer days and cool nights make our raspberries firm and sweet. Yum!


Red raspberries are high in fiber and vitamin C and naturally free of sodium, cholesterol and fat. They are a good source of iron and folate, which is used in treatment of low red blood cells or anemia.


  • Hurst’s red raspberries should not be stored damp because moisture speeds the rate of decay.
  • Shelf life is approximately one week after picking, or three to five days after delivery to your market.
  • Raspberries are excellent for freezing

Click here for more handling and storage tips



Hurst’s raspberries are packaged in 6 oz. plastic clamshell containers. The clear clamshell design protects the fragile berries and allows you to see the fruit easily.easily.

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