Food Safety

HBF International is leading the way in food safety for berry growers across the country and around the world. Our farms meet or surpass the most stringent requirements and regulations for both growing and packing our berries. HBF works closely with all of our certified growers and packers to ensure compliance with food safety standards, with a system for quickly tracing any potential problem back to its source. We also review our procedures regularly and update them as necessary. In addition, Hurst’s Berry Farm (the grower) uses minimal chemicals on our plants, and we are testing non-chemical methods of protecting our plants from pests.

Fresh berries coming in from the fields are cooled in state-of-the-art vacuum cooling facilities. This ensures that HBF’s customers receive firmer, higher quality berries with an extended shelf life. Quality inspection through every step of the packing process means only the best berries make it into an HBF package. We work with several transportation companies whose core focus is the handling and transportation of fresh fruit. Their air-freight containers are insulated and filled with gel-ice packs to maintain the berries’ freshness.

This dedication to food safety and quality helps to ensure that you, our valued customer, will continue to receive the top quality berries you have come to expect.