cranberry-chocolate porter-cheesecake

Chocolate Stout Cranberry Cheesecake

  Cheesecake – is it a pie, a cake, or something else entirely? A tart? Well, when you make it with stout beer and fresh cranberries, it's definitely a delicious treat! This pie-cake-tart is a mouth-watering blend of rich chocolate, smooth and creamy filling, and just the right amount of sweet zest to make you…


Cranberry White Chocolate Truffles

  These rich truffles with a fudge-like density and a pop of tart cranberry are so easy that those who have never attempted a homemade candy before will wonder why they waited so long. Like any recipe, the quality of the ingredients that go into it are the key to its success.This recipe calls for…

Fresh Cranberry Relish

Fresh Cranberry Relish

  Enjoy the bright festive burst of cranberries and fresh oranges in this classic holiday relish. The sweetness of the orange and ginger are the perfect compliment to the tartness of fresh cranberries. A distinctive side dish for holiday meals with the family.

Thanksgiving Fresh HBF Cranberry Cake!

  Happy Saturday! So the big day is finally just around the corner: Thanksgiving! Are you hosting? If so, that probably means you will have friends and family gathered around, helping in the kitchen, or watching the big parade on TV. One thing they will all have in common: we’re sure they’ve brought their appetites…

Crunchy Cranberry Bars!

  Temperatures are coming down, jackets are being brought out of storage, and every foodie’s favorite holiday is quickly approaching: Thanksgiving!Now, we could just give you a standard cranberry sauce recipe and call it a day (and we’ve some delicious options for cranberry sauce coming up that are anything but standard,) but today we’ve gone…

A Spook-Tacular Cranberry Salsa

Happy Halloween weekend! Are you throwing a party? Going to one? Or just staying home and passing out the candy? In any case, you’ve got to keep yourself fed (and maybe need to feed some fellow party-goers.) And here’s where we step in! We’ve been waiting all season for our fresh and delicious HBF cranberries…

Raspberry Coconut Macaroons

  Savor the mouth watering classic of a chewy, chocolate-coconut macaroon, but with a sparkling new twist of fresh berries. Here’s a recipe for macaroons with delicious raspberries, but feel free to use your choice of seasonal fruit: blueberries…yum! blackberries..yum! 🙂