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How Berry Well Do You Know Us?

Happy Saturday!

Since we launched this blog a little more than a year ago, we’ve had a blast connecting with you, our loyal customers, on a variety of topics.

We’ve stayed connected on Facebook with such topics as Tips for Tuesdays, Wanderlust Wednesdays, and Foodie Fridays. (Wanderlust Wednesdays really get some great discussions going!)

Last Wednesday’s Wanderlust post generated some great responses when we posted the following question and photo:

“On this Wanderlust Wednesday, if you could be jetting away anywhere you wanted, where would it be?”

The responses were as diverse as our audience!

Have you “liked” our Facebook page yet? If not, you’re missing out on recipes, tips, tricks, and a whole lot of fun. Why don’t you come join us? Just click here and we’ll be connected!

Another resource we have for you is our very own HBF website, chock full of all things berry. Have you visited us recently?

Trying to decide your next berry concoction and want to know what’s growing and where? It’s simple, just click right here!

Rainy day at home and the kids don’t have anything to do? Did you know we have an entire section of our webpage devoted just to kids and teenagers? Activities, coloring sheets, word searches and plenty more fun awaits you right here!

Did you know that we have been growing and packing fresh berries for more than 30 years? (We’re here to stay, kids!) From humble beginnings to our grateful current status, you can read all about where we came from and who we are right here.

Have a hankering for a delicious and healthy snack (or even a full meal?) We’ve got you covered with recipes that span the full spectrum of snacks, main dishes, salads and even desserts! Check out our gorgeous recipes pages right here!

So what do you think? We’d love to have you visit any of our social media and website resources, created just for you, our valued readers!

Have a great weekend!

The HBF Family

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