Is everyone’s summer coming to a successful wrap up? Did you get everything done that you had planned? Family vacation was taken and lifelong memories made?

However your summer is coming to and end, we hope it was one for the record books. And speaking of books, school has started everywhere, so we thought we’d offer a little lesson of our own!

Admittedly, we have talked a lot this summer about blueberries (we hope you don’t mind) and it occurred to us that in the midst of all the recipes and usage ideas, we haven’t really discussed the different varieties of blueberries we grow. (Yes, there are actually hundreds of varieties of this flavorful and healthy snack.)

So let’s start with the blues that we grow up the naturally beautiful and arid fields of Oregon:


These early bloomers (early July) are a light shade of blue and are large in size. One interesting characteristic of the Dukes is that they have a mild flavor that actually improves as they are stored in a cooler. (Dukes are also one of our most popular varieties.)


Known to bloom quickly and late in the season (August and September), the Legacy variety is a medium hue of blue. They have a fantastic flavor and are classified as medium-large in size. With a small scar (the little pucker on the berry,) these berries are very firm and store exceptionally well.


The later bloomers of the crops (August and September,) Elliotts are a light blue shade with a medium berry size. Very small scar, extremely firm, and a tart variety of this delicious snack.




Although these relative newcomers grow on small plants, their huge size, light blue color and sweet flavor are big in things that count. These delicious treats can usually be harvested at the end of June.


These blue beauties bloom late in the season (Usually early August.) They are a medium shade of blue, they are a medium to large size, they have a small scar, are very firm, and store exceptionally well.

This is just a partial list of the many varieties we grow, but we thought we’d see how you like this first and then go from there!

Be sure to tune in next week for some of our California varieties and all of the yumminess the Golden State provides us.

Have a great weekend!

The HBF Family